The Media’s Impact On Our Lives

“There are seasons in every country when noise and impudence pass current for worth; and in popular commotions especially, the clamors of interested and factious men are often mistaken for patriotism. ”

― Alexander Hamilton

I believe we are created for times like this when the world seems as if it’s coming apart at the seams. When our sense of security seems to be swept away each day with a random news blurb.

The media, including social media, has developed algorithms on how best to increase viewership. They do so by inciting fear and outrage and by inducing cravings. If they don’t get you to be angry, hungry, or fearful, they aren’t doing their job. You can resist becoming a puppet and a victim of an algorithm. You do this by recognizing the ‘science’ behind the messaging and then taking a proactive approach to your well being.

If you buy into and attach yourself to the fear-based media hype, your identity and emotions will get mixed up with it, rendering you less objective and feeble minded. Anxiety, fear and restlessness give way to false and negative thought programs. These programs disrupt your emotional receptors. When you agree with false information that is fear based, distorted and ugly, you are damaging all the parts of you – your mental, spiritual and emotional body. If these programs are allowed to continue replaying unchecked, they will change your life immeasurably. They will turn you into someone you don’t recognize – a fear-based person who thinks they are merely on this planet to survive.

Individually and collectively, we have the strength, intuition and ability to discern the truth. We can all do our part by researching the truth and then speaking the truth and not living like addicts to the media and to the fear it promotes. Truth and light can prevail over the darkness if you do your part and don’t join the camp of the willfully ignorant. You do this by taking personal responsibility for the influx and dissemination of information, data and images. Anything you hold onto, speak or write about can cause someone to stumble or conversely soar to greater heights.

Realize that when fear takes control of your thoughts, it is a stress response created when you step out of the seat of your soul, dissociate from the truth of who you are and attached to fear-based hype. Many people lose sight or don’t realize that they are created as spiritual beings. Without God in the backdrop, none of what is happening in this world makes sense. If you are a Christian, you know that hope is not solely in the things this world has to offer. Nor is the solace that you seek to be found in the material world.

Always retain your values, principles, and beliefs.  They will guide your actions with more surety than whim, emotion, or desire.” Wess Roberts

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