The Time Is Now!

for A Spiritual Revival

We are created for times like this, to help pull back the numbing fog that has settled into millions of people’s lives in the form of complacency, atheism, apathy and blame. An uncommon boldness must overtake us to sound the trumpet as to the danger that is changing the face of our communities. Individually and collectively we have the power to dismantle the thought programs that center around a growing sense of lack which in turn has brought on suffering and a personal identity crisis for millions of people. Let us together rise up and out of a paradigm of misinformation and step into our truth so we can leave behind a lasting legacy. It is our duty. The time is now!


The Global Identity Crisis

Reversing the Tide

Record numbers of people in this world are suffering from an identity crisis. So many in fact, that world order is being threatened.

Like a chasm created by a shift in the tectonic plates, there is a vacuum — a no man’s land that people are falling into. Free falling in fact.

What precipitated the identity crisis?

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Take Back Your Life

The Time Is Now!

Repetitive Thought Programs

Negative, repetitive, self-limiting thought programs are the product of an identity crisis. Like a crouching monster trying to steal what is yours, negative…

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Take Off Your Mask

When we hide behind labels, emotional imprints and an inherited identity, it is like walking around with a mask. This mask is keeping you from seeing the real you and tapping..

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Be Who You Were Born To Be

Do not rob yourself of the richer and broader passions of life and the sense of freedom that comes from stepping into your destiny. Rise up and be who you…

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Words Have The Weight Of Water

Ask God to ignite your spiritual gifts and abilities so you can bring light to a fallen and dying world with your words of encouragement. Be the match that…

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One Match Can Make An Explosion

If you don’t think one person can make a difference, eat a can of beans and walk into the middle of a crowded room and watch as the plumes…

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We are called to be a participant in this life not a spectator. To be deliberate and on purpose in our choices and to live a purposeful life. That is because the footprints you leave behind, others are stepping into. Be a light and triumph over your past. Let this be your legacy.

~ Diane K. Houghton

The Emotional Imprint

Rise Up And Out Of The Past

The Early Years

Our parents identity, pain and suffering often gets passed down unknowingly to us along with their emotional imprint, but they are not the truth of who we are.

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Meet The Devil

The Devil likes to remind us of our mistakes, regrets and misfortunes. Why? Peace and prosperity are anathema to Him. He is the instigator of personal rebellion. Pity parties are his invention. Get out of the Devil’s playground!

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The Media's Impact On Our Lives

“There are seasons in every country when noise and impudence pass current for worth; and in popular commotions especially, the clamors of interested and factious men are often mistaken for patriotism.” – Hamilton

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Taming the Untamed Mind

“Gift yourself by coming to your own rescue with specific practices that harness your energy which in turn will restore your emotional equilibrium and in doing so, tame your mind.”

~ Diane K. Houghton


Be Like A Beaver

Being mindful involves mastering the art of adaptability. Adaptability will enable you to ride the waves of life without being thrown off course or worse, drowning, when storms come your way.

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Harnessing Your Energy

The moment you feel anxious, fearful and begin worrying about things to come, you are in the midst of a power leak which will lead to a power outage. Retrieve and harness your energy by pulling it back into yourself.

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Your Mind Made Up

Being Mindful is being conscious and deliberate. Changing your daily routine by just one aspect will change your life. Begin by changing your I AM statements.

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