Words Have the Weight of Water

Dr. David Jeremiah, in The Jeremiah Study Bible, points out that “People all around us in the course of our day may be — for one reason or another — at a cross road in their lives and that our attitude, our words, and our example can be like a beacon of light to a weary, troubled or lost soul. By speaking words filled with kindness, courage and truth, we can instantly lift someone up. Conversely, our negative, discouraging, cynical talk might easily nudge the confused or disheartened down a path into further discouragement and even despair.” I don’t think any of us would intentionally set out to disappoint or discourage someone. But that is what is happening each and every day you walk around griping, complaining, and sharing negative news with others. You have a responsibility to lift those around you up. It doesn’t mean that you don’t talk about the things of this world. When it comes to living in this world amidst all the political chaos and the misinformation in the media, the truth is not what your neighbor or co-worker is gossiping about or something you hear on television. This is how false information spreads. You can be a light by doing your own research and speaking the truth before you share. Each one of us has a duty to discern the truth, regardless of where we get our information. Willful ignorance, laziness and apathy are what pave the way for political corruption and society’s decline. Don’t count yourself amongst those who are willfully ignorant, lazy or apathetic. Above all else, don’t be complacent. When you see traces of immorality, evil, prejudice, corruption, and falsehoods, stake your claim to the truth by being the light in a dark filled room and speak up.

As Christians, we must rise up and shine light on the darkness in this world. We must sound the trumpet and reverse the numbing fog that has settled into many peoples lives in the form of idolatry, materialism, narcissism, and atheism.

Are your words and actions something that inspire and encourage others to refocus their attention to things that truly matter? Do your actions back up your words? Does your example make others want to become better? You can’t very well point people to the Light if you are not walking in the light.

I was recently told a story about a man named Joe. Joe lived on the streets for many years, ravaged by alcohol abuse. His regular pilgrimages to the homeless shelter not only gave him food and clothing, but hope. That is because one Sunday he stumbled in and heard the visiting preacher speak about Jesus. He listened attentively to how this fella named Jesus came to the earth to save us from ourselves. To turn our hopelessness into hope. To give us a reason to live. Joe sat mesmerized. He had never heard of such a person. When the preacher explained how it was possible to blot out all the guilt from his past mistakes by being born again, Joe raised his hand. He wanted to give his life to Christ. He wanted to be forgiven. He wanted a fresh new start. He gave his life to Christ by asking Him into his heart as his personal Savior. From that day forward, he never drank again. He got hired by the shelter and did anything and everything that was asked of him. No job was ever too big or too small. He scrubbed floors, dug ditches, served the men and women who came in and looked them in the eye and said hello. He made himself available to those who needed someone to ‘see’ them and listen to them. A couple years later, there was another man who had been coming to the shelter for many years but never attended the Sunday morning church service. But for some reason, this one Sunday, he did. Just like Joe, this was the first he ever heard about a man named Jesus. After hearing about His grace and mercy and how He healed a lame, blind and deaf man, this man stood up and waved his hand. He had a question for the preacher. “Is this Jesus guy anything like Joe? Because I want to be like Joe!” You see ladies and gentlemen, sometimes the only glimpse people get of Jesus and His goodness are through you and me. Are you a Joe? 

Choose your words carefully and act deliberately. 

Take the world’s temperature, one person at a time by smiling and saying hello to the stranger you pass by on the sidewalk. Do not underestimate the power of a smile, a touch, a kind word or a hug. Just being a good listener is a gift you can give away at no cost to yourself. 

There are many people who don’t have the benefit of interacting with other people. They live alone. They work from home. They are caregivers. On top of that, many people struggle with self-punishment and have turned inwards. Like an immune disorder, they are being eaten alive from the inside out by their regrets, mistakes and misfortunes. Then there are those who are looking at life through a dark lens. They are consumed by fear. The world right now seems like a wrecked place and they are feeling lost and afraid. Take it upon yourself to lift others out of their reverie of the unkind landscape they are stuck in. Let your words be a life saver pulling them from the wreckage of their thoughts and the battle that is raging inside of them. Tell them about the good news. The news of Jesus. When you make a person feel good, they will reflect on that moment for days to come. They will want more of it. How do they get more of it? By doing unto others what was done to them. You see my friends, one match can make an explosion. Be the match!

We are created as spiritual beings. Without God in the backdrop, this world makes little sense. You are not some poor slouch. You were created for a purpose – to experience the light of Jesus and give it away. Being conscious of your impact on others is being a light. Step into the Light and your life will take on new meaning.

Ask God to Ignite your spiritual gifts and abilities so you can bring light to a fallen and dying world with your words of encouragement.

“Every human being is intended to have character of his own; to be what no other is and to do what no other can do.” William Channing

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