The Global Identity Crisis

This is a message of hope because knowledge is power. By understanding what the global identity crisis is, you will have the tools to create real change not just in your life, but in the workplace, in your family, and in your community. We can together pull back the numbing fog that has settled into millions of peoples lives in the form of willful ignorance, blame and apathy.

Don’t count yourself or anyone out of the game until you truly understand what is creating the chaos we are all facing today in every facet of life.

Why should you care? Because the global identity crisis is a pandemic far worse than Covid-19, the Black Death or any disease known to man. It is the reason the world order is being threatened. Like a chasm created by a shift in the tectonic plates, there is a vacuum — a no man’s land — that thousands of people every day are falling into. Free falling in fact. It is changing the face of communities at a breakneck pace.

Those who are seeing doctors and therapists are being treated for their symptoms, not the root cause of their disease. Psychotherapists are struggling to figure out where and when their patients issues came about. They point to a childhood trauma, mommy or daddy issues, even blame the DNA for their patients issues. Issues such as depression, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, P.T.S.D-like symptoms, alcoholism, drug addiction, and anxiety are commonly diagnosed. The symptoms that many people are suffering from cannot be traced to your DNA. The origin of many people’s problems is not something a doctor or therapist can help diagnose. Western medicine is of no use when it comes to an identity crisis.

What precipitated the identity crisis? People are assuming a false identity – one that centers around a sense of lack. Lack of prosperity, well-being, love, security, hope, peace of mind. The list is endless.

Most people who fall into this category do not even know that there is a veil obscuring their true identity. What they probably do know is that they are experiencing a general feeling of unrest, discontent and discord deep within.

Most of the people who are suffering from an identity crisis are looking for someone to rescue them. That is because they are unhappy, unfulfilled, and discouraged. Many have let go of dreams and goals they once held near and dear.

Many of these people wrongly attribute the way they feel – their sense of lack – and the reason they can’t create real change in their life to something or someone outside of themselves, perhaps an event from their past. They are eager to blame others for their lot in life. Blaming someone other than yourself would at first seem logical because you wouldn’t unwittingly harm yourself, hold yourself back, push the pause button on your life or assume the power is outside of yourself to create real change. It would seem unfathomable that you would be behind the self-sabotaging behavior that has created so many detours, regrets and misfortunes in your life. But it is you sabotaging yourself. You are not the only one doing this. It’s a worldwide problem.

The hard, cold fact is that the discord that multitudes are feeling this very day has its origin deep within the core of their being because it dates back many years, even lifetimes. That’s because in many cases, people have assumed the identity – including the pain, shame, fears, and limitations  – of those who raised them. This is what you call an inherited identity. Children, adolescents, tweens and even many adults are impressionable. They absorb, unknowingly, others prejudices, truths, emotions, including anger. The feeling of entitlement and injustice also get passed down. These are what you call, false narratives. The problem is, our ancestors, parents, family members, neighbors and even co-workers emotional imprints – their pain, shame, insecurities, prejudices, fears and sense of lack, even their limitations, and all their stories, are not our truth. My fear of poverty was not my own. It was my father’s. It shaped how I made every day decisions in business and produced a type of paralysis created by over analysis. It kept me from taking risks and reaching certain goals. My fear that I would not be able to protect myself from others harm was not my own but the result of hearing painful stories told to me by others.

Your identity does not come from your environment, a painful event or from others. That is because we are not mini-mes of our parents and those who raised us. Get in agreement that you are your own person and you choose who you want to become. The moment you recognize this and let go of what is not yours to hold on to, you will be able to lift the numbing fog that has settled into your being. It is this fog that has kept you from being able to see let alone tap into your own personal power, beauty and strength. Your life will change dramatically as a result.

Holding onto false narratives and other peoples stories is only one way the global identity crisis gets passed on through the lineage. In other cases, the global identity crisis infiltrates ones being when people hold on to a fragment of their past – a painful moment in time. Like a rock between your toes, these remnants, if they are not removed, will not just cause you to stumble, but will completely disrupt your stride and halt your forward progress. The past cannot hurt you. But you can hurt yourself by replaying the past.

Much like a caterpillar sheds the chrysalis and transforms into a beautiful butterfly, you can rise to new heights and change your life once you own what is yours and drop what is theirs.

The story of Creation is where you will find the answers to your true identity. That is because we are created as spiritual beings. Our heart and soul is where the knowing of who we are resides. It is our heart and soul that seeks out answers, meaning and purpose. This is intrinsic as the air we breath.

For us spiritual beings, life makes little sense without God in the backdrop. If you are discouraged and need someone to throw you a lifeline, do what Jesus did: study, search, ask questions, seek answers. You might just begin your journey at the cross which is where the earthly story of Jesus ended.

Are you ready to take back your life?

Are you ready to uncover the real you?

Are you done feeling as if you are merely surviving life?

Let’s together change the trajectory of your life.

“Give me a new idea,” I said,
While musing on a sleepless bed;
“A new idea that’ll bring to earth
A balm for souls of priceless worth;
That’ll give men thoughts of things above,
And teach them how to serve and love,
That’ll banish every selfish thought,
And rid men of the sins they’ve fought.”

A.E. Finn

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