One Match Can Make An Explosion

I’m not sure who said it first, but this pretty much sums up how one person can make a difference. “If you don’t think one person can make a difference, then eat a can of beans and walk into the middle of a crowded room and let the plumes of your exhaust clear the room.”

One person can make a difference just like one match can make an explosion.

Like a movie reel, our lives are on public display for others to see. That is because the footprints you leave behind, others are stepping into. Maybe you need to make some strides that lift you out of a lifestyle that is mired in apathy, blame, complacency or focused on materialism and approbation. Are you using God’s grace as an excuse to do certain things? Perhaps you think of yourself as a survivor because of some event from your past. Are you using that as an excuse for the way your life has turned out when really it’s your choices and holding onto the past that has derailed your and taken your focus away from your true purpose.

Many people are stuck under the weight of a false narrative or two. Why not make your legacy about how you outran the misconceptions about yourself and turned your attention to making this world a little better than how you found it.

What we do with our life can be our gift to others. As human beings, we are being called to live a life that is a positive example for others. What does this mean? To be conscious of our actions and words. To hold ourselves accountable by walking upright. As Christians, we have a higher duty. We are called to help reverse the numbing fog that has settled into millions of peoples lives in the form of complacency, idolatry, materialism and atheism. We are to share the Good News.

From the moment we enter this world, we each have the potential to become a real-life hero in some way or another. It doesn’t matter the circumstances you are born into. There are countless people I can tell you about like Alexander Hamilton, an illegitimate, self-taught orphan who changed American history. Paul the Apostle who wrote thirteen books of the Bible and was seminal in expanding the early church from Israel into the Mediterranean thereby lighting the match that spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the far reaches of the earth. A man who faced persecution. Or Martin Johnson, the son of a watch maker with a hard scrabble beginning who became a world famous wildlife photographer who partnered with Kodak bringing images of indigenous cultures and wildlife and therefore conservation to the forefronts of peoples mind. Then there was Francis Harper who achieved acclaim as a reformer and literary figure at a time when women and African Americans had no standing. Her activities in the anti-slavery, women’s rights, temperance, and post-Civil War civil rights movements spanned many decades and many states. All of these people and many more, some with accursed childhoods, overcame extreme obstacles, including discrimination, abuse, persecution, derogatory labels, and poverty to change history. Despite the gale force winds that came up against them, they stepped into the path of greatness and changed the very fabric of civilization by their words and actions. They did not allow their past or limitations to define them, but rather their legacy. Like a match that can make an explosion and spread like wildfire, countless lives were forever changed for the better because of their legacy.

The human spirit is truly amazing when on fire.

This world is not too wrecked and far gone for you to make an impact. We can right the ship. We can save our children and help them aspire to greatness, patriotism and self-reliance. Ask God to ignite your spiritual gifts and abilities so that you can bring light to a fallen and dying world. With both human and Divine activity, anything is possible.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it’s the courage to continue that counts.” Dusty Rhodes

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