Redemption at the Cross

Many are hoping and praying for a miracle, as if winning the lottery or falling in love, will make their hurts disappear. That is because many people are suffering from a growing sense of lack – lack of well-being, security and peace of mind to name a few. This growing sense of lack is because they have attached to false narratives, the past, or someone else’s identity including their pain and shame and detached from their truth and ‘the’ truth. Holding onto all of this as opposed to attaching to what is real and true, including your Christ-like identity is the reason life has become a game of survival. 

Don’t allow your life to move on without you.  

The tattered moments of our lives and the lost years have taken their toll on many of us. We feel adrift and lost. Unlovable, unlovely and incapable of real change. We look into a mirror and only see broken pieces. We count the costs and see the losses instead of everything that is going right in our lives. This is exactly how living with a growing sense of lack can turn into a full-blown and personal identity crisis.This is how we end up somewhere in life we never could have imagined.  

How do you make this all right? How do you make peace with your past and yourself? Is it even possible to wipe away your anger, guilt, pain and shame? What about restore your joy? Then there all the lost years. While the weight of all this might seem unbearable, there is a solution. There is redemption and restoration. There is a new life waiting for you. 

Only God can take the mess we’ve made of our lives and turn it into something more beautiful and useful than we could ever imagine. Only God can blot out our guilt and restore our joy. Only God can mend relationships where we can’t see a way to restoration. If you want to multiply the impact your story and your life can have in the remaining days you have on this planet – to be a beacon of light with an encouraging heart, then ask God to come into your life. The thief at the cross, with all his broken pieces, at the very end of his life, turned to Jesus who was on the cross next to him and received eternal life. 

God is the only person who was and is three-in-one. God, the father, and creator of Heaven and earth. Jesus, God incarnate – in the flesh. And upon His resurrection, the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that is your holy helper. He is the only god who came to this earth in the form of man and the only one to die and be resurrected. There is no one who accomplished all of this. No other deity can claim this truth. There is no other person or pagan deity who has parted water, healed multitudes, caused a blind man to see, a lame man to walk, raised a dead man or caused manna to fall from Heaven to feed the multitudes. Only God.

Men will come and go, but God is the one constant in our lives.

The sacrifice God made in sending His son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross is powerful. Who do you know that would die for you? Be hung on a cross for your sins?

Are you are ready to change the trajectory of your life? Ready to see like you’ve never seen before – to transcend your spiritual blindness? Then it’s time to ask God to come into your life and heart and be your personal savior. Maybe you are saying, “I believe in God.” Believing in God is not enough. The Devil believes in God.  Maybe you are saying, “But there are so many hypocrites in the church.” To that I say, one more won’t matter. Take the plunge. Being a Christian does not mean you are perfect. It just means you are forgiven. 

It is not a sign of weakness to acknowledge that you are human and you can’t possibly go this life alone. Jesus didn’t die on the cross for righteous men, but for sinners like you and me. You are no match for the Devil but the Holy Spirit inside of you is. Where the Holy Spirit resides, the Devil has no power.

If you are ready to accept Christ as your personal savior, say this simple prayer, “God, I need you. Please forgive me of my sins. Please come into my heart as my personal savior and make me whole. I can’t do this without you. I want to change my life. I want to be set free of my guilt, pain and shame. I want to have victory over sin, fear and the feelings of defeat. Victory over Satan. Amen”

For assistance with your newly born again spirit and soul, visit the resource page.

“Are there not twelve hours in a day? Anyone who walks in the light does not stumble because he sees The Light of the world — Christ. But if one walks in the darkness, he stumbles because the light is not in him.” John 11: 9-10.

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