Harnessing Your Energy

Most people race out of bed, their body several paces behind their overreaching mind. This puts you in a compromised state of mind. That is because your energy is outpacing you and not where it should be — evenly distributed to all parts of you. This sets you up to be overly reactive and emotional. By incorporating certain practices and mantras into your daily routine from the moment you wake up, you can be prepared for come what may that day. If you don’t, the day may feel as if it comes upon you suddenly like a trap. Certain practices, when incorporated on a regular basis, have a way of taking your thoughts captive, re-focusing your attention and as a result, calming you even when presented with a difficult situation. You need to spend at least five to ten minutes before you get out of bed, cutting and clearing negative energy and thoughts or what I call, harnessing your energy and mind and setting your intentions for the day. This requires you to be earnest in your desire to start each day with a clean slate and not drag with you any unnecessary garbage from the previous day or the past.

Harnessing your energy is letting go of what is to come tomorrow, being fully present and connecting to that deeper energy that pulses within you: the frequency of love, freedom, joy, kindness, and compassion. When you connect to that deeper energy, you are able to ‘see’ all parts of you – your power, beauty and strength. If you are a Christian, it means tapping into your Christ-like identity and the power, covering, intuitions and inspirations of the Holy Spirit that are waiting for you if you simply ask for them. Seeing yourself as possessing this extraordinary gift is key to you being able to grow through challenging and discouraging circumstances. As spiritual beings, we are designed to rise above the petty, mundane things in daily life and focus on our purpose and meaning. Reminding yourself of this will allow you to have an impactful day and life.

Harnessing your energy is you being conscious at all times as to where your energy resides and who and what you are turning it over to. If you are prone to worry or ruminate about things to come, over think or analyze, replay events from the past or have a burgeoning seed of injustice percolating within you, a disproportionate amount of your energy is gathered in your brain. This only serves to starve the other parts of you, causing them to atrophy. This could have disastrous effect on your life. The feeling of discord will settle into your life and change your decision making ability. Fear-based thought programs soon follow. This only causes the feeling of injustice to grow exponentially. These emotions and programs are what gives rise to the burgeoning seeds of jealousy, retaliation, hate, scarcity, self-promotion, and anger. You need to tell yourself that you can’t and won’t allow these programs to become a part of your being.

Remember that no one can make you feel a certain way unless you allow it to happen.

“Whoever has no rule over his own spirit is like a city broken down and without walls.” Proverbs 25:28

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